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She looked beautiful, standing against the moonlit window, the white bed sheet wrapped around her otherwise naked form. The longer I looked at her the more thankful I was for meeting her when I did. Chance is wonderful like that. My eyes caressed her slender figure, and drunk in the beauty of her dark hair moving gently to the night breeze.

She looked away into the night, into the dark distance, listening to whatever the night whispered to her. Her eyes focused on something beyond the grounds of the mansion, something beyond the lake. I could feel her excitement, as she traced her object of fascination with her dark eyes. I could feel her life coarse through her icy veins under her cold skin. Breathing in the night air, she let her sheet drop to the floor, revealing her flawless form I fell in love with at first sight.

She looked over her shoulder at me, her dark eyes piercing into mine as they always did, my lust for her rose inside me, stirring in my loins, raw and turbulent. My heart beat faster in anticipation. She smiled, that smile that would drive any mortal man insane as it had driven me. Aroused, I drank in her form with my eyes.

She looked back at the night, and leaped through the open window.

I wish I could say I could hear her run through the gardens like the wind, glide over the lake like a dream, but I would be lying. I could never hear her move when she was like this. Not when she was hunting.

Perhaps I would hear a scream tonight. Perhaps a gun shot. It did not matter. She would have her prey.

And she will be back in the morning, back in my arms. And I would be hers, always.


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What would you call being suffocated by the very thing that gives you life?

When what the dying man in the desert craves, came forth in unwarranted abundance?

Choking you with the fury of a thousand wrestlers?

Taking away all that you had

Perhaps even all that you will ever have

Your house cleansed without your permission

Your loved ones swept away in a matter of seconds

You saw their heads bobbing on the surface for a moment

And now they are gone

How do you live with what you have seen?

How do you keep moving forward?

What do you tell yourself?

When all around you is mud and water?


What do you do now?

Bronze Eyes

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As I look into your bronze eyes I wonder

What have you seen that I will never see

As you lie in your eternal stillness

Worlds pass by, stars roam free

And I ask of you for simple wisdom

To share what you have seen

To show the joys and sorrows

Of the places you have been

Yet you stare back at me

Your bronze eye holding my gaze

And here I stand in my own world

Lost within my own maze


“It is clear that you are much older than I am.”

Victory Horse

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*But perhaps… it may be about you….*

What do you see when you look at the fields of nothing before you

Do you wish you were free to roam as your living counterparts do?

Or are you content to be forever frozen in your pose most glorious

Rearing up, neighing silently, hooves raised, victorious

They say you are to bring me fortune that is good

Yet here I am unable even to afford my food

Perhaps if I sell you, I may be able to get some money

And perhaps even score a fit or rather fine honey

“It is a good thing I am a horse and you are not”

“For it is better to not have your birthday forgot”

You asshole, I thought you were my friend, my aide

“Bro, you almost sold me to get laid…”


“Plus, I’ve seen you naked way too many times.”

New Text Document

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(Originally written on a text file)

This was a new text document
A blank slate
A void
There was nothing written on it
Until now
After my keystrokes
Paints letters upon it
Deflowering it
Is one so ugly
If one is not pure?
Is purity based on being unused?
Is it not better instead
If we base purity on goodness?
On kindness?
On bravery?
On truth?
On justice?
On the pursuit of innocent happiness?
Then we can all
With time and effort
Become pure
And all those who judge
Will become the impure
After all a new text document
Is nothing but a blank slate
It has potential to become anything
But with content
It bears a greater meaning
A story
An evolution of thought
A model of life itself

Hello 2016

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It’s almost mid-2016 and I have not written anything since December 2015. How sad! It’s hard to get into the flow of writing just like that. So what I’m going to do today is to just ramble on, opening up the pathways in the brain and getting in the flow of words. It’s kinda like shadowboxing early in the morning. You start a bit slow with sloppy awkward combos, but in about 30 seconds you’re in the flow of the movement and everything starts to come naturally.

Don’t you sometimes find yourself waiting for the opportune mindset to get something done, and yet that opportune mindset never comes so you just end up procrastinating? Happens to me often. It’s a dangerous habit and it has caused me much pain and loss in the past.

I read recently that motivation is good, but discipline is better. I’ve tried this concept out and it definitely works. If you set a time for a task and start working on it regardless of your motivation levels and how good you feel doing it, I notice that after a bit of time, you tend to fall into the flow of it naturally, and your motivation levels rise as a result.

I’ve seen this practically applied in my martial arts training. In some evenings I really don’t feel like training. The days work weighs heavily down on me, and the anxiety about deadlines and the challenges of tomorrow makes me feel like I’m moving slowly underwater. On such days, I don’t feel like going for training and want to curl up and sleep (or browse mindlessly on the internet) on my bed instead.

I’ve given into these feelings in the past, and doing so has left me feeling even more unsatisfied and anxious, because it doesn’t really solve my problems, and I found myself getting progressively worse at martial arts. So for the past few months I’ve decided that however I feel about the day, I am going to attend my martial arts training. It was actually quite difficult for a few months since I kept getting my ass kicked by everyone, but slowly the tides started to change and I found myself getting better.

I think this is a concept that can be applied for all parts of life. Discipline over motivation.

Damn, I wish I realized this in school! I also wish I knew Jiu Jitsu in school. But such thoughts are wishful thinking and wishful thinking is for idiots.

So let’s move onward in this glorious 2016, with discipline!

Check out what former Navy Seal Jocko Willink has to say about Discipline


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It’s been a week now

My head burns no more

Yet my throat still does

The windpipes moan in pain

Irritated airways

Contract and expand

As I cough up more phlegm

This is sickness

A certainty in life

Everyone else is out there improving

Having fun in the sun

Beautiful people becoming more beautiful

Strong people becoming more strong

Smart people becoming more smart

And I’m sitting here

Pissed off


Typing shitty poetry

On my WordPress