Hello 2016

It’s almost mid-2016 and I have not written anything since December 2015. How sad! It’s hard to get into the flow of writing just like that. So what I’m going to do today is to just ramble on, opening up the pathways in the brain and getting in the flow of words. It’s kinda like shadowboxing early in the morning. You start a bit slow with sloppy awkward combos, but in about 30 seconds you’re in the flow of the movement and everything starts to come naturally.

Don’t you sometimes find yourself waiting for the opportune mindset to get something done, and yet that opportune mindset never comes so you just end up procrastinating? Happens to me often. It’s a dangerous habit and it has caused me much pain and loss in the past.

I read recently that motivation is good, but discipline is better. I’ve tried this concept out and it definitely works. If you set a time for a task and start working on it regardless of your motivation levels and how good you feel doing it, I notice that after a bit of time, you tend to fall into the flow of it naturally, and your motivation levels rise as a result.

I’ve seen this practically applied in my martial arts training. In some evenings I really don’t feel like training. The days work weighs heavily down on me, and the anxiety about deadlines and the challenges of tomorrow makes me feel like I’m moving slowly underwater. On such days, I don’t feel like going for training and want to curl up and sleep (or browse mindlessly on the internet) on my bed instead.

I’ve given into these feelings in the past, and doing so has left me feeling even more unsatisfied and anxious, because it doesn’t really solve my problems, and I found myself getting progressively worse at martial arts. So for the past few months I’ve decided that however I feel about the day, I am going to attend my martial arts training. It was actually quite difficult for a few months since I kept getting my ass kicked by everyone, but slowly the tides started to change and I found myself getting better.

I think this is a concept that can be applied for all parts of life. Discipline over motivation.

Damn, I wish I realized this in school! I also wish I knew Jiu Jitsu in school. But such thoughts are wishful thinking and wishful thinking is for idiots.

So let’s move onward in this glorious 2016, with discipline!

Check out what former Navy Seal Jocko Willink has to say about Discipline


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on May 9, 2016.

One Response to “Hello 2016”

  1. This is something admirable peice of writing my friend! Job well done!

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