Vuvuzela Vesak

Blaring, their insane sound

Banned at games, yet still legal

On the streets, round and round

The vuvuzelas scream, brutal

My ears, my tender ears

Why must we endure

This insanity grinds my gears

On a day meant to be pure

A day that He the most revered

Was born, enlightened and passed away

Has been by noise, desecrated

Become a carnival of irreverent play

He taught us to be humble, not proud

He taught us to be mindful, not careless

But instead we have become so loud

On His special day, so heedless

Blaring loud-speakers, comical masks

Screaming vuvuzelas, roadside fights

“Is this truly the Vesak spirit?” the Wise asks

Gone is the once beautiful festival of lights

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~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on May 5, 2015.

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