Datvic – 001 – This is not a test drive.

Descending from the night sky, a single drop of rain fell on the dry landscape of the sleeping city. The sharp glow of the neon lights illuminated it as it passed the windows of sky-scrapers, before hitting the pavement, extinguishing its short life. Over a thousand meters away, through a powerful telescope digitally connected to the heads-up display of his helmet, Datvic watched all of this, fascinated.

“It isn’t really raining is it…” he spoke, his slow and weak voice.

“Sometimes just one drop is all that is needed to define that it had rained” a sharp yet mechanical voice replied back from the depths of his mind. This voice was the one voice that was with him almost all the time, because it dwelt within him; not as a figment of his imagination but as an actual part of his digitally-enhanced psyche. Ostr, as he called the voice, was his best friend; though he never really understood how it came to be.

“I think staying home today is the way to go, since it is raining in that case.” Datvic tried to hide his laziness.

“You have set yourself a goal, and now you must work for it. Otherwise you’re all talk no walk.” Ostr was stern.

Sighing, Datvic opened the window he looked out from. The servos of his exo-suit made a slight whirring noise as he moved his arms. Despite wearing this suit for months, he has still not gotten used to it.

“But we must come back early, because I have scrabble practice tomorrow morning. I must be dedicated to it.”

“I think we have more important things than scrabble to deal with now, Datvic.”

“Yes but I really enjoy my scrabble practice.”

“We’ll be back in time, I promise.”

The suit made more whirring sounds as it entered flight mode. The miniature yet powerful jet-engines flicked themselves on, shoulder-wings popped open, and soon Datvic found himself flying over the city.

Although this was not the first time he had done so, he could never stop feeling a little excited every time he took off in this suit. Perhaps it was symbolic of the liberation this suit brought from his previous state of being. As he soared above the streets towards the designated target, he could not help but enjoy the view as a small child would. Then again, even though he was over thirty years old physically, his mind was not even half of that age.

And before much time passed, he found himself landing softly at a dark yet grassy plain on the outskirts of the city. His suit emitted no lights and instead switched on its night vision. The noise cancellation mechanism made the soft whirring of the suit even softer to the level where it was barely audible to the average human being. “Stealth Mode”, as Ostr called it.

The target was exactly a hundred and twenty seven meters from where he stood. At this distance, it appeared to be a large crate with approximately three men guarding it. Their unmarked truck was also parked right next to them, as they waited for a helicopter that was due to arrive in three minutes to accept their delivery.

Three minutes.

“Three minutes”, Ostr said.

“Yes but we must be careful not to kill them because it is against the first precept.”, Datvic said in a voice that was somewhere between hesitant and deliberate.

“Are you serious?”

“Remember the story of Prince Siddharta? He was offered a sword, but immediately said he cannot use it”

“Three guys, armed to the teeth with heavy caliber assault weapons, and you are telling me all this now.”

“We must practice Metta.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

“Please don’t use that word with me”

“Fine. Non-lethal responses activated.”


And with superhuman speed, Datvic found himself running towards the three men. They spotted him only when he was about twenty meters away from them, and by the time they could respond, Datvic found himself picking one of the men up and slamming him against the truck, knocking him out instantly.

“I hope he is not dead” Datvic said, his voice becoming a whimper.

“No, just a concussion.” Ostr responded “Now, focus! We can’t let those bullets hit us. This armor cannot handle it.”

“What is a concussion?” Datvic asked as he moved towards the second man, knocking the raised rifle out of the way and grabbing him.

“Unconscious. Knocked out.”


The suit had turned off its noise cancellation mechanism now. The motors sang loudly as Datvic threw the second guard onto the third one, seemingly incapacitating them both.

“I hope they will be ok. I don’t really want to hurt them.”, he whispered as he heard one of the men groan in pain.

“I will call medical services anonymously once we are done.”, Ostr reassured him as best as his mechanical voice would.

Datvic walked towards the crate, and using his enhanced strength, pried open the sealed lid of it. The large, metallic, rugby-ball shaped device lay there in sinister silence. Datvic picked it up hesitantly as the suit began to scan its contents.

“The Rodstone Device.” Ostr spoke. “Taking this will slow down their operations, forcing them to look for alternatives. We need to take this back with us to the lab.”


With no further business, and with the Rodstone in hand, the suit took Datvic home through the night air.

As he got into bed that night, Datvic looked at the door leading to the lab in which all his creations including his exo-suit lay, and sighed to himself.

“I am tired. Maybe because I am unfit.”

“Sleep deprivation, actually.” Ostr replied.


Datvic closed his eyes. His body did not hurt like it used to. The neural implants were easing his body into gentle sleep.

“Did you call the ambulance for those people?”

“Yes I did, anonymously. You do know that we may eventually be traced back if we keep doing that?”

“It’s ok.”

Ostr would have sighed if he was organic. Even after months of living inside Datvic, he never fully understood their thoughts.

“I must sleep now. I got scrabble practice tomorrow.” Datvic said, his voice even quieter than it normally is.

“Good night Datvic.”

“Good night Ostr.”


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on April 26, 2015.

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