It has been over a year since my last post. Somehow down the line, I have lost the will, the drive, the passion to write. This makes me… upset.

I meet a lot of people in daily life. Most of them can’t write for crap. Some of them can. I had the privilege of being in this group of people who could write pretty well in comparison to the rest of the world. So what do I do with my talent? I took it for granted and let it slide. And slide it did.

The last article I had written on this blog was a poem. It was inspired by a very special moment in my life with someone who was very special to me at the time. The sheer emotional surge of that moment propelled my mind to form the words I needed to write what I wrote. It was my inspiration, the spark that ignited the fires of my passion.

Much has happened in my life since then. I have faced greater trials than ever before. I have met many interesting people with many interesting talents and those who possess knowledge that far exceeds mine. I have also met some really stupid people who I sometimes feel like stabbing repeatedly.

I went for a Literature festival yesterday, called the A K Lit Fest. It was a forum for Sri Lankan writers to get together and discuss their work and what drives them. I found all this very inspiring, and at the same time, I found myself being angry. Why did I give it up? Why didn’t I keep writing?

As I sat there, watching them all being happy and sharing their work, I could not but help feel this anger pouring out of my heart and enveloping me. No, I was not jealous of them. What is the point of that? I was merely angry at my own inaction.

I have let work, relationships and life itself distract me from my writing. Aside from my personal Journal that I maintain as a chronicle of important events of my own life and maybe that one comic script I wrote, I haven’t written anything. No, project reports don’t count.

All my life, the one thing I feared was to lose my freedom, and now I feel like I truly am shackled by the life I have created for myself. My creativity is locked in this box, and is dying.

I am setting it free now. I am bringing it back to life. I am feeding it with my passion and letting it grow.

An article a day, for the next 30 days. Even if it is absolutely terrible. Even if it is pure nonsense. I will make it happen.



~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on April 25, 2015.

4 Responses to “MINDWIND LIVES”

  1. Good luck, determination, and wind as a muse

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  3. Omg!! I felt the same several months ago as well!! I felt like I was not putting what ever talent I had writing to proper use. To channel knowledge to people. And one day, like you, I too made up my mind to start writing again. To write about things that matter and inspired me. And that’s how I am back again. 😊 Hope you will continue to write more frequently like me, and don’t let the writing slide away again.

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