Sunny Days

Sunny days should never fade away

Sunny days should be here to stay

Sunny days gone, become gray

Sunny days, for us to play

It’s so sunny today don’t you think! Just felt like singing. Sorry I interrupted you two, I just felt so happy! It’s not often we have such sunny days you know.

This is why I went to Dad’s cupboard and took out his shiny gun. Don’t you like it? It looks so shiny as it glistens in the afternoon sun!

Of course it is loaded. Why else would I hold it like this, pointed at you, standing steady like Dad taught me last year at the shooting range?

Why are you so surprised? Did you really not understand that what you are doing now is hurting Dad’s feelings?

Did you think that because I ‘m just a kid I would not know what infidelity is?

You see, while you told me all those stories about how I should stay in my room while He visits you, telling me that it is a secret game of yours, I did my own research.

Shut up, you son of a bitch! I am talking to my Mom! Stand back or I will blow your fucking head off!!!

Sorry Mom. But you can’t really tell me off for cussing today because hey I hear you do it so many times. Plus, I have a gun in my hands. Haha!

Oh really? I can’t do it? I’m just a kid?

Well, He asked for it. Sorry Mom, he shouldn’t have lunged at me like that. It doesn’t take a genius to pull the trigger.

Don’t cry Mom. I’m helping you. I’m going to bring you and Dad together again. We are gonna be one big happy family!

And don’t worry about the mess. I will help you clean up. It’s just blood. Oh look is that stuff from His brain? Cool!

Do you think we could go to the park after this Mom? It’s such a sunny day today! We should go get some ice cream. Oh stop crying now. Here I will sing for you Mom.

Sunny days should never fade away…


"Guns don't kill people Mom."


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on December 9, 2011.

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  1. Disturbingly creative!

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