Convince me

Convince me what I am doing is wrong

For as far as I can see it is right

Although I know I violate you

I must know darkness to fully know light, so

Convince me if you can

So that my actions may cease

But until you do I will walk this path

Perhaps back to the light which you showed me

Convince me if you think I am wrong

For I am disappointed in you and me

I wish I took this path before

I would have known more and worried less

Convince me, I ask of you

I just want to see you try

So that I may defy you

And make you cry


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on November 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Convince me”

  1. Right you are, as usual
    How can you be wrong?
    If defying makes you happy
    Then go seek the darkness, but

    Remember how it was
    The light that lead us this far
    I’m still by your side
    Though you see me no more

    To convince you right now
    Of why, when and how
    I’m not brave enough, true
    But I cling to this tiny hope

    I believe in love
    I believe that it will someday
    Work out the impossible
    And finally, Convince You once more…

  2. Thanks Nilu. 🙂

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