On The Butterfly Effect And Creating Alternate Realities

It is often said that life is not a single event but a stream of continuous events. You can’t exactly define what a good life or a bad life is, in this context. One thing always leads to another or many more. It is like an explosion in a field of dominos that makes up the cosmos. The butterfly effect, as it may be called.

It is interesting to see how your choices, as an individual being, influences the order of these events. It does tend to give you a false sense of control, the more you observe the patterns of your life. It is possible to feel a hint of hubris, the more one delves into the subjects of intention, attraction, synchronicity and universal consciousness.

And then you wonder about your past choices. What if you had not taken a certain decision that changed your life and took a different decision? What would the world be like today? Would it be better or worse than what it is? Certainly it would be different to the world we are seeing now.

I admit that that I do this with my imagination at times. I am lucky to have been gifted with a wild and vivid imagination. Sometimes I use this gift to create a world which is a result of a decision in my past I “overwrite”. I would, for instance, go back in time mentally to where I decided I am going to work today and change that decision to not going to work. The resulting world is completely different to the world I am in today.

Remember, this is not the physical reality that you change, but rather the mental reality. If your imagination is as strong as mine, you have already mastered the ability to escape reality and dive into the insanity of your own mind-world.

Have fun with these thoughts. I hope my decision to put this article up on my blog as influenced you to explore this aspect of life, and in turn change the world around you, prompting others you know to change their worlds accordingly.

That is the butterfly effect.

ps: No I did not watch the movie yet. I would love to, though. I remembered that it existed as I typed in that last sentence. Donnie Darko was fun.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on May 21, 2011.

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