This Morning

This morning, I walked outside my house to my car and waited for my mother to join me for our ride to work.

I had nothing to do until she came, and I was habitually inclined to ponder about the day’s events that were to come, and the tasks I had to accomplish.

Then I decided that I will not do so, and simply look at the plant in front of me. It was just a small green plant you grow on the sides of your garden. An array of such plants can be converted into a neatly trimmed hedge with time.

But as I observed this simple green plant, it began to get greener and greener. It began to sort of glow, the colors getting brighter and clearer. Suddenly, all my thoughts were gone, with no indications or memories of what I was supposed to do for the rest of the day. I simply ignored it all and looked at the plant.
I noticed the insects running about the leaves, looking for their breakfast. I could see them bumping into each other and communicating with each other in their own unique way, before parting and going about their business.

I could see the dew drops glisten in the morning sunlight, some of them slowly sliding down the leaves like mobile crystalline droplets of glass. I could see the wet earth on which the plant stood and the creatures that crawled up from it, on the plant and back to the earth again.

I looked up from the plant and looked outside my gate. Everything was brighter and clearer. The puddles left by the rain rippled as rain drops began to fall into it in a light drizzle. I watched the clear rain water pulse, and the waves form and collide with other.

It was probably the most beautiful sight I had seen for the past few days.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on December 6, 2010.

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