On Roflcopters


What is it? What does it mean? Where does it come from?

Scientists say that the first Roflcopters were invented by the Russians during the cold-war, as a powerful counterpart to the American AH64D Apache Longbow. However, the Americans say that they invented the Roflcopter first, because in Soviet Russia, Roflcopter invents you!

Armed with a wide variety of Long-range Missile Attack Observers (or LMAOs), as well as Large Optical Laser cannons (LOL cannons), the Roflcopter is a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield.

This top secret development was first sighted in the USA, where it was swiftly able to destroy many homes and the people living it before disappearing into the sunset. Some say that cinematic music was heard when this occurred. Also, some others say that large letters forming names were seen scrolling slowly upwards into the sky.

It is unknown if the Roflcopter in question was employed by the Russians (because in Soviet Russia, Roflcopter employs you!)

Caution is advised when a Roflcopter is encountered. Do not move. Do not say a word. Do not even breathe. The Roflcopter will ignore you and cycle to the next available target. Do not stand near large ice-cream vans either. Just do not.

I hope you found my article on Roflcopters informative and useful. Good luck!


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on August 25, 2010.

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  1. ROFL XD

  2. Wooh!

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