Chasing the Dream

An idea is generally born in the depth of your mind, based on your previous thoughts and experiences, usually as a solution to a pertinent problem, whose root is commonly dissatisfaction. With such ideas come the necessity to implement plans of actions and justifications for those plans to pacify the need to meet social norms and personal moral standards.

Hence, to execute the plans that would help us meet our desires, we create dreams; and such dreams we pursue with passion corresponding to how deep the desire is rooted in our minds. Sometimes it is so deeply rooted there, that we often consider it a factor necessary for our very existence, when in reality it may not be so pertinent.

Yet what is a human being without a goal? Is it a mass of sentience that floats about the universe with an air of hopelessness, with nothing to hold on to or strive for? Or is it truly a free spirit that soars higher over those who have given themselves a purpose in life, thereby tethering them to the resulting pleasure and pain?

In any sense, when a human being is so used to chasing a dream, and has placed that dream as the very purpose of their existence, it is only natural for such a creature to depend heavily on the success of the self-assigned endeavour. The obvious conclusions of this stream of thought is that failing to achieve such a dream would render the creature to a state of apparently inescapable hopelessness and fear. The fear spoken of here, is the fear of the unknown future, where there are no dreams to chase.

Since the dream that was pursued died so violently for such a creature, who is not adapted to the way of those who are without dreams that are free from the tethers of pleasures and pain, the next logical step to preserve its existence is to create another dream.

This is a delicate phase, where such a creature may be drawn towards many possibilities that present themselves as potential dreams of pursuit. With so many possibilities presenting itself, the creature may find itself overwhelmed and perhaps even on the brink of insanity. Is the human mind adept at processing the possible outcomes of each dream? These possibilities, coupled with the fear that stems from the death of the previous dream only makes things worse.

Until a new dream is found, the creature will be vulnerable and insecure. It will feel lost and hopeless. Others will try to influence it to serve their own agendas. Manipulation of others is a common human trait, especially to ensure the survival of the manipulating individual as well as the luxuries they crave. They will try to make up new dreams for the lost one, perhaps even out of good will.

But one who is aware of such possibilities is vigilant in this temporary phase of vulnerability, as it searches for a new dream to pursue. Such a dream may come to them in good time, when they are ready to walk the path of pursuit, or rather, run on it.

Chaos only seems to be so for one who does not see beyond the surface of things, for even in Chaos there is Order to be found.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on June 29, 2010.

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