A Letter to a Child

Dear Child,

I am, an Adult now. But I know what it was to be like you, because I was a child too at a point. I must say that it was an interesting period of time in my life, although I wish that I knew what I know now, back then. I would have been happier. Because then, I would live my life as a Child to the fullest.

I suppose the Adults you know, are saying that when you grow up you can be anything you want. They will say that you should pursue your dreams and dream big too. They will tell you that the world has so much to offer for you, to explore and enjoy. They’ll tell you that you’ll be really happy and successful in the future.

Well dear Child, they are lying to you.

When you grow up, you will be turned into a slave. Your dreams will be slaughtered in front of your eyes. You will be made to serve a system that has been built up over the ages that have passed our wretched race.

You will be told to make decisions that you will not like because they are “the right things to do”. You will be forced to adhere to sets of rules and norms. You will be forced to conform to the rest of society, and meet society’s expectations.

You will be forced to destroy beautiful things, which will then be replaced with ugly, monotonous creations of the system that we have latched onto for our “survival”. You will watch as one by one, the others who have shared this world with us will be wiped away by our own doing. You may think that you will cry, but you won’t. Because it will just seem so normal to do. Instead, you will be unmoved by it, perhaps even amused by it. Sometimes you will even encourage it.

You will be forced to take sides in meaningless wars that fill the bellies of gluttons and liars who pull on your puppet-strings. You will be forced to feed the demons who live off the system and the system itself. Your children will be taken from you, and you will watch them grow apart from you unnaturally. You will see them hating you because of the system and you will, most likely, hate them back. You will hate us too, because of what we have done. But you will continue in our footsteps regardless.

Your individuality, your expressions and even your thoughts will be controlled. You will emulate what is considered to be “accepted” and “adored”, instead of voicing your own thoughts through your speech and deeds. You will become a mere drone, a cog of the very system that enslaves you, and you will spread more lies to your children in an effort to pacify them.

This is what the future brings to you. Don’t be fooled by the bullshit of your forefathers. Take my advice and get off this planet while you still can. It’s a dying world, and we are killing it.

With Love,
Prageeth Thoradeniya


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on June 23, 2010.

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