Now I am a Nihilist?

For sometime I have toyed with the idea that life has no intrinsic meaning to it, and thus far, this idea has not been challenged by anything else I have come across, except for theistic arguments, which also fall apart when factors like causality and non-determinism are considered. I do not believe in a prime creator. If I did, I would not be what I am now. I believe that the past, like the future, is infinite. There will be no beginning and no end to this universe. The purpose of what is created may vanish when it gains sentience like its creator, much like a malevolent computer program does as depicted in science fiction.

With this new view in mind, the phrase “Life is what you make of it” becomes very true, because life by itself is meaningless. Various people argue that this is untrue due to factors like God (an idea which I reject) and Rebirth (which I also do not accept completely, and feel that has no say over the purpose of ones life). Life gains intrinsic purpose if and only if there is predetermination; that is if ones destiny is set, when they can say “my life ‘s purpose is THIS, for THIS is to happen and I have no choice in the matter”.

Do not waste your time looking for the divine to assign meaning to your life. Do not let another human assign meaning to your life. Humans, like all things, are fragile constructs whose own inner knowledge is limited by their own deluded selves and thus cannot make absolute judgements on any other sentient being (or perhaps even inanimate objects). Parents, teachers, friends, lovers, scientists, clergy, politicians, authorities have no true say over your choice; rather they possess varying degrees of influence upon you, just like everyone else does.

Now, my life seems meaningless and each day I try to assign a meaning to it. Such meanings are fickle things and do not last long. Meanings itself, are based on fragile constructs of circumstances, individuals and societies, and therefore never are lasting concepts.

The meaning of your life can therefore change from time to time as your goals are born and die. But at this time, I can with conviction say that there is no intrinsic meaning to this concept we call our lives, nor the temporary construct of the “individual”.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on April 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Now I am a Nihilist?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Prageeth. I wonder whether you could spare some time and watch the following right to the end:

    The Meaning of Life – Peace of Mind

  2. Yes that’s one meaning you can make up for yourself. But it’s not the true meaning of life as such, because there is no such thing as a meaning to life. 🙂

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