The Distraction

Atop a hill, under the crimson sky where the great sun began to set, stood a lone figure mounted on a great horse. Spear in hand, it surveyed the land below, eyeing the forces that lay waiting below. Tomorrow, at dawn they would strike, targeting the city of wonders itself. Such a thing would not be permitted, and hence its king had sent it here, today, for this purpose.

Today, this pitiful horde of soft fleshly beings would die. They would no more feel pleasure nor pain. The rider did not smile, for it could not do so. But if it were able to, it surely would have.

Like lighting, it rode down the hill, charging at the surprised horde, its spear shining in the evening light. Taking aim, it threw the glinting weapon into the reddened sky above. For a moment, they laughed. But they stopped short, for the throw itself surpassed that of the best thrower in their regiment. The spear rose into the sky, flying above the great army, with a trail of strange flame behind it. Slowly, it pointed towards the very midst of their forces, and plummeted down like a thunderbolt of a long-dead god.

And in the next, all was aflame. The raging inferno exploded from within the great ranks, turning them into standing piles of ash. The screams of agony echoed through the valley as a thousand men bade goodbye to the miracle that was life.

The lone rider stood still with its horse, caught in the fire. Yet neither it nor its steed uttered a single cry, even through the very cloak it wore was incinerated in an instant. The armoured horse and rider merely looked on at the dying enemy. Death meant nothing to the rider nor the horse. For they neither lived nor died.

A call from its king was answered as it turned the steed back towards the shining city it came from. Like the wind itself, they returned to the gates of the shining city, which lay open for them and only them. As it rode through the shining gates, they began to close and the great shining city rose to the sky, never to land upon the barren earth again.

From the army that burned on that day, only a handful survived. They returned to their great city to tell the people of their defeat and the strange retreat of the victorious.

And they found that the city was empty, and not a soul remained.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on March 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Distraction”

  1. Nice… Could sort of work as a lead up to a fantasy series that takes you through the journey of what happened for things to get to this end point.

    Maybe you could even take it into a story that involves the survivors and their search for answers?

  2. Thanks! Well it was just an idea I got based on the Ancient Astronaut theory as well as several prominent religious/cultural writings from various cultures… but yes, I will consider expanding it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. yes. pls consider expanding! ๐Ÿ™‚

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