The Confessions of a Telepathic Mind Controller

If you met me, you would like me. If you did not like me, I would make you like me. It is simple as that.

The people I meet are simple minded idiots. They like to pretend that they are in charge of their lives and that all the thoughts that they run through their flimsy minds are theirs alone. Little do they know that I am watching them and making them do what they do. Little do they know ANYTHING for that matter…

It started when I was very young of course. I was a good baby they say, quite obedient. And as a result, they bought me many things. It was easy to impress the adults. They had rigid expectations. They never suspected anything and never even bothered to look at the possibilities of events that would unfold in the future. To them, a baby is merely a baby and nothing more. It wants love, food and diaper changes. And sleep. That’s all they thought. I know this because I know what they think.

When I was older they sent me to preschool. It was fun to be in preschool. So many other kids to interact with. Their minds were fresh slates for me to write upon, for they have not been tainted by thoughts of the adults as much at that time. Yet, I was naive. I merely perceived their thoughts and did nothing more.

When I entered middle school, I excelled as a student. I knew all the answers to all the questions, be it in the class or the examination hall. It was so easy to absorb the thoughts of the teachers. It was much easier to do so than actually listening to them trying to communicate their ideas verbally. The others were too dumb to understand it. Then again, maybe it is the teachers who failed at communication. Either way, it was never a problem for me.

Then one day, for entertainment, I told a friend to go jump in a lake. Unable to find one, he jumped into a pond and nearly drowned. He was afraid of water anyway, and now is afraid of it even more so. He wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the month. They then started whispering about me, the students. He told them what I told him. They were calling me all sorts of names in their minds. I was very upset about this.

However, one day I just asked him why he is not my friend anymore, to which he replied that it is because he finds me “creepy”. To this I automatically said that I am not so, more with my mind than my mouth. Then he said that I was actually not “creepy” at all. So I stood up in the class and exclaimed that I am a very good person and very likeable.

Everyone was my friend after that. It was that simple really.

Later on in life I mastered my ways. If I told someone something, they would do it. If someone thought something, I would know it; sometimes even more clearly than they knew it.

I was the president of many clubs and societies, and everyone would do whatever I wanted them to do. I got large sponsorships for events and claimed most of it for myself.

I fornicated with the most attractive girls in the city, and yes, sometimes I sodomised the boys as well. I orchestrated wild orgies and engaged in so many perversions that would make the simple mind shudder in disgust (only until I told such simple minds not to!).

If I did not like someone, I would change their ways. If I was still unsatisfied, I would tell them to die. And they did die at my bidding, their methods most creative and entertaining. And my entourage would clap and cheer. Then they would clean up the mess.

For me, people were playthings. I loved no one, for my love was pleasure alone. Pleasure and control.

But one day, I woke up and could not perceive. It was a strange experience. I told my favourite slave (a nice girl from the countryside who I now keep at home) to get me a sandwich, to which she did not respond. She merely stood there like a statue. Impatiently, I poked her and told her to get on with it, to which I got no response. I pushed her roughly and she merely fell over like a plastic mannequin. Baffled, I stormed out of my room intended on getting another maid to replace this useless husk.

I walked out of my large house to find no one in the streets. I peered through the windows and the doors of various houses but was met with blank stares of more statue-people. Nothing moved in the city.

I sat down and closed my eyes, hoping to hear, see, smell, taste or feel a vagrant thought; but to my dismay I found none.

Something hit me on the back of my shoulder, piercing the skin and tearing into my flesh. I felt numbness spreading from the intrusion. I reached around myself and pulled the accursed metallic thing out of my back, screaming as I did so. I was not used to pain.

It was a dart of some sort, and I began to wonder where it came from or who was behind it. But I was cut short as the numbness overwhelmed me. Men in strange suits and visored helmets appeared from the periphery of my vision. They had small compact looking rifles, and they pointed them at me. All faded into blackness.

Now it is quite black. I do not perceive anything, except for the knowledge that I am still alive and am held captive. By who or where, I do not know.

But I do long for the day that I may bend the minds of man again.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on January 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Confessions of a Telepathic Mind Controller”

  1. Nice one

  2. WOAH…. O_O that was… O_O GRIPPING.

  3. Brilliant 🙂

  4. I really liked the build up and how the story was told. But the ending was disappointing, i felt it lacked a twist factor that could have made this a lot more interesting. Keep on writing !

    • Thanks! I think at the time of writing this I was intending to cross this over with the guy from Hunger… so it ended in a bit of a cliffhanger / containment situation.

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