The morning seemed colder than usual. Perhaps it was the light mist that flowed outside his window that made him feel this way. Dawn was breaking slowly, streaking streams of light across the morning sky, the fading stars bidding a silent goodbye as they succumbed to the brighter light of the sun. The breeze was beyond cool, edging on the coldness that inspired him to dig deeper into the sheets of his bed to catch that last doze of sleep which precedes proper awakening.

Yet he felt empty, as he clutched the wooden frame of his bed and felt its coldness. All warmth seemed to have gone away from his world since the time she had to leave. It seemed that they had been together for so long and been so close, yet that time was cut horribly short, hurtling them both back into the depressing monotony which some call everyday life. Indeed, the days he was with her seemed to be dreams by themselves and now he felt as if he had woken up to a world of apathy and permanent coldness.

She had left last night, bidding her goodbyes to him. He could recall the seemingly numb feeling he had as he watched her walk away into the gates of the airport terminal. He knew that although it seemed like he felt nothing there, it was just his body’s reaction to the flood of indescribable emotions of pain and sadness that coursed through his being when they said goodbye. This is the body’s way of numbing the pain.

Some called it denial.

He took a deep breath as he rolled onto his back and looked out at the morning sky once again. The stars were almost invisible now, except for the brightest of them; Venus, the morning star. How strange that the star which represented the mythological goddess of love be shining down upon him now, when he was missing her the most. Indeed he loved her beyond his own expectations of the emotions. Before he met her, all he knew of such love were rumours and mistaken emotions. He was happy that he felt what it really was at last, only for it to be strained by the sudden distance that separated them.

They say that love exceeds all borders, all conditions and distances. It’s true.

His beeping phone lit up on his bedside table, signalling the arrival of a message. Expectantly, he reached out for it and held it in his hands for sometime before he actually looked at the screen. When he finally did, he felt the familiar warmth course through him again.

It was her. She was safe. She missed him too, and she loved him, it said.

He looked up once again at Venus, as the goddess glowed in the morning sky looking down upon him benevolently, as if to say that this was her gift to him.

And for this, he was thankful.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on January 5, 2010.

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