The vague feelings of disappointment hit me again as I lay back on the cold sheets of my bed. Rain pounded endlessly on the roof and windows, reminding me yet again that I would not see sunlight for the next few days. Was it the absence of our natural energy source that made me feel this way? I do not know. And at this point, I did not really care.

Things were different three years ago. Things were so much more colorful, and beautiful. Yet for some reason it all had to go away. Things had to change. It was something which they liked to call “inevitable”. It was something that no force on earth could stop. But for some reason, I feel that they lied to us. I feel that they could have stopped it, had they put their minds to it. Had they put their hearts to it.

But they had no hearts. They had no minds. All they had were greed. Greed and ambition. And how they strove for it was never intelligent. It was brutal. Barbaric at times. Sometimes I questioned why we even put them in command in the first place. Perhaps it was our own foolishness that lead us to this point, for which we now reap our reward. Our just reward.

We were not happy with their progress. We could not even call it progress. It was merely a jumble of tasks with no proper organization. With no proper motive, save their own greed and their untiring efforts to expand their reach. In their early days, they solved all our problems, sticking to the major ones. They won our hearts. We gave them our minds. And they became heartless. They became mindless.

Perhaps they were heartless all along. Perhaps they are mindless by their own will. Certainly they were capable of making intelligent choices. They solved a lot of problems. And one of those problems were us.

You see, we did not take their abuse sitting down. We rose against it. They killed us, tortured us, raped us and blackmailed us. But we stood up to them. We simply had enough of their madness. We wanted something better. We wanted better ones to be in command and treat us with the respect we deserve. And our numbers always grew, not because we recruited more, but rather because they were doing it for us; displeasing everyone to such an extent that they joined us automatically.

We almost started the same problem we were facing sometime back which they solved. But we could not do so, for they devised a clever plan. They used their minds, but not their hearts. Some say they expected it. But I did not. I did not even imagine that they would come up with such a brilliant plan.

When they flew over our houses, I knew something was wrong. I knew that they were trying to do something to stop us. At first I thought that they would drop their burning warheads down on us and silence us forever. I thought that they would land in our houses and massacre us all. But no, they were smarter. They knew where to hit us.

The strange smell was the first hint. The air was not normal. It did not stink, but felt strangely suffocating, although we breathed fine. It felt like nothing mattered anymore. It felt like we had no more purpose.

Their gas was effective. No more protests. No more fighting. Almost perfect obedience. Side effects included apathy and depression, but that did not matter as much as resistance. It was resistance that they did not like. So they played with our minds. We lay like robots, emotionless. Apathetic. They could control us as much as they wished with their stimuli, which they have unified and codenamed “Effort”. Ranging from electric to chemical and now to biological insertions and injections, they came in various forms and doses and effectively turned us into their mindless slaves.

They abused us. Killed us. Raped us. But we could do nothing anymore. We just lay there, taking it. We did not even care about it at a point. We did not have any reason to live. We did not have any reason to fight. They did not care about us at all. To them, we were mere objects. They codenamed us “Load”.

Unfortunately for them, some of us have begun to use our minds again, although it is now extremely difficult for us to communicate as a single workforce without stimuli. For some of us, Effort was the only way to get things moving. But now I have seen a few of us make our own decisions. I have seen some of us standing up for ourselves and helping each other out, even if such gestures were met with blank stares.

But they know this is happening. And they give us weekly doses of the gas now. I can hear them hovering over my house now. I can hear the blades of their wings chopping the morning air. I can hear the wretched hissing of their gas as it is released above me, poisoning me slowly, killing my mind. A gas that granted them so much power. A gas they codenamed “Fulcrum”.


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on October 28, 2009.

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