Some updates and no apologies.

Dear Readers,

My creativity had literally died during the past few months. Honestly, I did try to write something several times but I just couldn’t. Something was blocking my thoughts and I have no idea what it is. A conspiracy theorist may say that it is an alien implant or something, but my head says that it has something to do with… my head. Is that circular logic? I don’t know.

Small updates on my part then:

1. I am part of the organizing team for the World Cyber Games: Sri Lanka 2009, just like last year, except it was 2008. This time, we’re having selections in Kandy as well, so we can have an awesomeness matchup of Kandy’s best vs Colombo’s best. I’m eager to see if there are any teams out there that can take on the likes of Liquid, Determinato, Leon etc.

Btw, the main games for this time are CS 1.6 and FIFA 09. 🙂

2. I started a Twitter account. It can be accessed on:

Althought I have been dissing Twitter for sometime, I thought of doing it to see if it was truly worth all the ruckus it’s causing. Also, it will help me to maintain my writing flow somewhat. I really do miss blogging. Perhaps I can bore you all with random updates on my twitter.

There is no theme for my tweets. It’s about me. I have no theme. I’m a freakin’ circus that’s what I am. Yes. Oh yes.

3. Entering fourth year of my degree now. One more year of education and I will be a fully qualified jobstealer programmer. Don’t know where I will be working but it will be fun to know that next year. First things first: need to finalize the project I am doing.

4. Still a vegetarian, and loving it. Am thinking of forcing people to eat veggies for fun. xD

5. Have been making some music. Latest was up on my youtube channel:

6. Wanted to put Pragzter as my Twitter name as well but some person has taken it. She looks pretty at least. So I put PrageethX kinda like MalcolmX. I know nothing much about MalcolmX, but I know enough to know that he’s not a Marvel Comics character.

7. I have a cynical view of our government’s handling of issues lately. Will put up an article about that soon when I feel like it. Especially the facebook bans. Sadness.

That’s all for now folks.

Enjoy your bubblegum, baboons!



~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on August 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Some updates and no apologies.”

  1. It’s so hard being veggie….tastes bland yea? 😦

  2. Rather. But on the topside, cheese and eggs make a good combo!

  3. Me is also into this veige business…

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