Prageeth’s Pen Adventure part II (Or “Sober Thoughts”)

Gracefully (or so I visualized myself at that time), I swept the pen and the clip pieces off the table and hurried off to a corner where I would be relatively less-visible for prying eyes. It was beautiful in make, your average Atlas Chooty… blue ink, clear plastic body and blue highlighted tips on both ends, its silver colored metal ball point painted in its own blue carbon ink. The clip was apparently not from this pen, but a black one.

Ah joy to think that MY clip and this pen could now obviously become one, leaving this unfit, broken and incompatible clip to become obsolete. The broken clip was mended almost effortlessly leaving me to realize that this clip indeed deserved this pen, although it was different in color and was broken at first. My impression was of an interracial marriage where one partner is bedridden for sometime. Who am I to interfere with such a sacred union?

With mixed feelings, I set the pen and its clip down and moved away from the desk, just in time to see their rightful owner come sit there with a glass of water and several biscuits in hand. I smiled to myself and the clip in my hand. Should I give up hope now or should I continue this mad search? When does a warrior give up? When does the hero give into the madness that surrounds him?

“The warrior does not give up. The hero does not give in to the madness that surrounds him.” A little voice inside my head spoke with conviction. That really didn’t answer the questions but I suppose it would have to do for now. There was nothing else left to do but to go onwards with my quest. Like a knight of fantasy, I rode off away from my cluster of desks to the distant land in the corner off the office where the Provider of Water is.

Upon reaching the Provider of Water, I extracted some of the sacred liquid from it to quench my thirst from the long journey. Warily I looked around to see who and what was available. An empty conference area to my left looked promising, so I walked towards it to see if it held the object of my desire: a clipless pen.

I found nothing on top of that conference table except for a fancy looking office phone with a digital screen on it. I like those phones. You can use them for called ID, SMS and stuff. I always wanted to have one of my own although I didn’t want to pay the bills. Thus are the conflicts in my head.

In desperation, I happen to come across an old ally; none other than Deshan (known as Mahmar the Magnificient), and since he was a good soul that routinely exhibited his gluttony alongside me, I did not wish to steal that which is his. So, I politely ask Mahmar for a pen, to which he agreed without much thought, for he truly is Mahmar the Magnificient: lender of clipless pens!

Gleefully, I used the clipless pen to make my list, and the weight of the universe itself seemed to ease away from my mind. It’s amazing how light you feel once you organize the chaos in your mind to something coherent. It gives you a plan of sorts to work with. And a plan is what I needed.

After writing my list, I leaned back on my chair and remembered the penless clip that was still in my clenched left hand (now covered by several layers of my corrosive sweat (my sweat is corrosive, as some of you may know already)), and I was happy to see that it was safe. Gingerly, I cleaned the little one and brought pen and clip together. They were never designed for each other, as the clip was an Atlas Chooty, and the Pen was something I had not seen before (probably something from a fancy institution or conference); but they fit together perfectly.

Thus I learned from this experience:

1. Pens are endangered in my company (or at least my floor).
2. People stick around their pens way too much.
3. Some pens and clips are just meant to be together. 🙂

Happily, I presented Mahmar the pen, the clip and my compliments, for which I got a gracious reply.

I sit down on my seat again, a happy man. I had conquered my madness and prevented a clip from its untimely disposal.

Wait; does this mean that there is a lonely pen out there somewhere without its rightful clip? Have I done the right thing? Was it ethical? Who am I to do such deeds? I am not divinity certainly… or am I? What is the purpose of my existence? When did this all begin? How do I know if all this is real?

Perhaps the madness will never end. *sigh*


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on March 12, 2009.

One Response to “Prageeth’s Pen Adventure part II (Or “Sober Thoughts”)”

  1. bROTHER…
    this is mind wind indeed.. your pen provider is mahmar??? LOL… anyway you’ve changed your style from part 1. that was phunky.. this is very Tolkien.. hmmm…well….
    Yes.. you are pen divinity anyway.. you have been given duplicated power from the all mighty omniscient creationist divinity to manipulate those things u create in whatever manner you may wish…apparently we were made in his likeness… hey so in whose likeness were we women created?? hmm… question worth asking!

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