I’ve sinned. A lot.


Not talking in a biblical sense really. But I’ve not been treating myself well. Those of you who know me know that I’ve been working very hard on a lot of things. This meant that I didn’t really take care of myself for the past couple of weeks… which is probably why I got so sick. It was a tough case of Viral flue, bordering on the likes of dengue. I grew very weak throughout the last week and just got out of the whole circus of sickness. Although my blood-counts are back to normal, I still have to rest more than usual to come back to my fully operational state.


My daily routine has not been the most intelligent. I woke up too late, worked until late and slept even later. I wasn’t even paying attention to my body properly, even though I did meditate to clear my head. Evidently clearing the head isn’t enough. One needs to attend to the body and to look after it in order for it to be healthy. Why do I keep missing the fundamentals? I don’t know. It’s only human to forget these things I guess.


Most of my muscles have become weak since I’ve not done any sort of exercise for the past three months. My body has decayed into a shapeless blob in most places and my muscles twist and sprain easily. This is just too much to bear. It is an obvious sign that I must seek balance between working life and physical fitness.


So begins another bout of rigorous training to build my body back to something stronger. I need a strong mind and a strong body if I am to do what I am supposed to do daily. Or I’ll just get sick again. I’m tired of dragging a half-functional husk around with me, aching and groaning as bits and pieces fail to function. I don’t want to grow old before my time.


So where do I start? I just recovered from a severe bout of fever and the good doctor advised me not to lift weights at least for about two weeks. So I suppose this week would consist of stretching and light calisthenics, to get my major muscle groups working properly and back in shape. A bit of Yoga and what little of Tai Chi I know should also help. I have also resumed eating smart, paying attention to my body. Something I’ve not been doing enough.


So this short ramble then, is dedicated to yet another new chapter in my life. Back on the road baby! YEAH!


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on September 20, 2008.

One Response to “Recovery?”

  1. Well you’re alive.. that’s always something good. 🙂 dang, didnt even know you were that far gone :S

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