Post-birthday Updates, 2008

OMG HAI!!!!!


First and foremost, please accept my humble apologies for not writing anything for a long time be it on my FB notes or on my blog. If you cannot accept this apology, go fly.


So I’m writing this directly after my birthday, which was yesterday. I just turned 22. Twenty-bubblegum-two! (it’s better than saying the F word is it not?) and I feel so old. I mean come on, 22??? It totally makes me so old. And this whole dodging proposals thing (as some of you may know already) was annoying enough. I can’t say “let me grow up!” cuz I am grown up. :S   But I do manage to snake myself out of the problem. Ah the complications of life…


So now I’ve started my 3rd year at IIT, which also means that I am not at IIT but in my industrial placement, which I’ve been doing for a month. It’s a software company called Aeturnum. Google it for details. All I’m going to tell you is that it is walking distance from my place (so 0 transport costs!) and also is right next to the local Mc Donalds (cheeseburgers FTW!!!) and KFC.


Working is a different experience. I mean I have done a couple of part time jobs but they were never in offices. The whole office thing was totally new to me, since I can’t really act the same way I act in college for example. You won’t see me skidding along the corridors at office! (Although I did a cartwheel for the fun of it one morning when the office was deserted).


Also there are other things looming in the horizon which means a lot to me… but more on that later.




Academic-wise, I still don’t know what I should do for my final year project, let alone my Masters. I was thinking of developing some sort of a build tool like ANT or Maven… but I dunno. Let’s see. I’m still working on my keylogger when I have time… although implementing it in C++ was tougher than I thought. The VB version was ok… but buggy. Ugh. Perhaps Java?? Hmmmmm…….


So other than that there have been a couple of good things that did happen over the past few months. For example my friends from NUS showed up and we had a “gala” time meeting up randomly on a couple of days. My cousins from USA and Canada visited as well as some cousins from Kurunegala (who hardly ever come to Colombo). Two of my cousins got married (then I felt really old) which was kinda fun I must admit (although I generally avoid weddings) and happy (I am getting old aren’t I? *sigh*). Then Panzer finally got his Rabies vaccine for this year; hopefully it will work (at the rate that guy gets into fights….).


I haven’t gamed in ages. I seriously mean in about a month or so. I feel so… not me. Not even NFS. Nothing. Minesweeper doesn’t count. Was thinking of playing a bit of CS online during the weekend but I then realized that my time was better spent elsewhere. I had configured my PC gamepads to work for Halo to get an Xbox-like effect… but I couldn’t try that out properly yet. I am getting old aren’t I?


What else? Hmm… some friends came back from abroad after a long time and some left (yes Maheshi, you included).  I did a huge re-arrangement of my room and threw out most of my old stuff (mostly junk) and saved room for new things. Got most of my stuff repaired (including parts of the stereo system to help my chill out with awesome music). I am slowly turning my room into a lounge/club for my personal enjoyment, although it lacks a minifridge and a sofa.


What else… hmmmmmmm


Got a couple of new songs written and got music composed to them. Recorded some of it and we’ll probably put some on youtube (with footage of us playing). Viewer (and listner) discretion is advised. Use earplugs if necessary.  We decided to change the name of our “band” (if you can call an on-and-off musical-gathering of three guys that) from “Citemhtira” to something else. We haven’t decided on the new name yet… but we’ll come up with something I’m sure.


So yeah the present is mellow for the moment but the future seems to be full of new and exciting things (again… you’ll get to know soon!) so I am looking forward to a lot while trying to live in the present. If I did snap at you around the last few weeks I’m sorry. I just haven’t had enough rest and you know how that is. Getting used to it. Heh heh.


Until next time, be good and eat your greens. Mallung FTW!!!!

Prageeth the Ping Pong Puppy


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on August 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Post-birthday Updates, 2008”

  1. heya!
    Happy belated birthday!!

    aaahh.. I remember my year of Industrial placement.. it was one helluva experience…
    make the most of it.. and all the best!! 🙂

  2. Dammit… this is what happens when you stay off the freaking radar 😛 Very Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Bro..

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