Oh hai.


I is wraiting this lettah to yuos alls cuz I is board rofl!


Okay enough of lolcatspeak…. Thing is, I’ve become a bit of fan of the lolcat fad since of late, after my introduction to:

Check it out! Yuos will laik it I swears!


I was kinda sick on Friday and Saturday… couldn’t function properly… something was very wrong with my biological system because I felt dizzy and unstable… But since of this morning I feel bettah!


Pity I missed CS on Friday though L


So this week finds me immersed in Event-Driven programming… it being one of my least favorite subjects… not that I don’t like the technical or philosophical aspect of it… its just that the lecturer was… well… not very enthusiastic during class. Not enthusiastic @ all. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz……


But it is unwise to say such things about ones lecturer so I work my shoes off (yes, those old worn out shoes I wear for class everyday) trying to master the concepts…


I was pleasantly surprised today by a large bowl of Varaka during lunch. Now I didn’t expect that at all! I like my Varakaz pure and uncorrupted by the likes of salt and pepper (but am generally disappointed since everyone else likes it corrupted), and I am glad that I now have access to such a large amount of virgin Varaka….


These days find me with stranger dreams as usual… ones usually involving friends of mine doing the most ridiculous things… such as singing “Nessun Dorma” with me while I was climbing a tall wall just to sit on a ledge there… Then there were a couple of funnier dreams with Vampires in ‘em. Now these guys were scary because they literally were corpses with fangs (dressed in corpsey attire) walking around, and the one I met gave me the most pervy smile (the kind a foreign pedo would give a kid on a Negombo beach) to which I reacted perfectly unalarmed somehow and managed to give him the directions that he wanted. ‘Tis what one does when one is an usher of a Vampire convention…


Exams will span for three more weeks, and I eagerly await their end. I have some plans for this holiday, like to spend a couple of days on a beach holiday (with or without friends. Depends on my mood.) writing loads and loads of stuff… And then I was thinking of doing a couple of Youtube skits cuz I have these… “ideas” in my head that I would like to see performed before I hit the dust. By hitting the dust, I mean dying. Lol.


Also, I am kinda planning to work on my own keylogger….  ]:)


Well if anyone wants to meet up for an outing, I’ll be free after the 2nd of June, so just message me over MSN or FB or phone or whatever. And pray that the dates and plans do not clash with mine… 😉





~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on May 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “MOAR UPDAITZ!!!”

  1. omaigaush i lurve lolcatz 😀

  2. kthxbye

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