Sleep: only a dream?


They will not let me sleep. They will never let me sleep. They will only allow naps.


Who are “they”? Why, the external world of course. I am begging to assume that they are all connected in a global scale, bent on a conspiracy of depriving me of my sleep. I need my sleep, for it is one of the many things that keep me sane. But no, I am deprived of it.


Sleep is essential to us all, as it is the phase where almost everything, save for the vital functions, go to rest. It is when the body and the mind are set into a “recharge” mode, with relaxed brainwave patterns and whatnots. Everyone likes to sleep, especially after a very long and stressful day. I am stating the obvious again. But this is purely to impress upon you the necessity of sleep.


But am I allowed to access the full potential of sleep? No! Deep sleep is something I have not known for sometime. Each night is full of interruptions, be it from nonsensical dreams, insects, parents, cousins, the sibling, friends, the phone, the cook or the dog. I find some peace in the early hours of the morning however; but that peace is short-lived, for other members of my family hastily awaken me with a series of loud knocks on my bedroom door accompanied by a rain of reminders of what I have to accomplish. As a result I have developed into a non-morning person. Yes, I am very very cranky in the morning.


Alas, I try to ensure a good night’s sleep, but it is something that evades me, and is also something I have to live with. L


~ by Prageeth Thoradeniya on April 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sleep: only a dream?”

  1. I’ve sleeping disorders… I just never can sleep for more than 3-4 hrs and it’s so annoying coz it also keeps me depressed during the day time sometimes…

    so last night.. I thought…screw it… and had a beer and 2 tabs of Piriton.. and slept like a baby.. and now i’m feeling good..:)

    i know I know.. it’s bad.. but once in a while… I need this.. sigh

  2. Empathy my friend. I dont have a Pineal Gland so have no Melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep pattern so I sometimes experience sleep deprivation.

    Great name for the blog! We formed in 2005 and are from Essex in England. Respect.

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